Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Spy With My Little Eye

Star Trek: Voyager. (Boy is Janeway annoying on occasion. Plus, many dudes, most of the holographic, are dying. And I wonder why that one alien guy is threatening the hologram with a gun. I mean... what's that going to do?)

Baby swing. (Empty now. She's stopped liking it. Again. Even the white noise won't calm her.)

Draik holding Caiti. ("Hey little Caiti, what is with all the fight? Little bitty Caiti want to bite, bite, bite." See here)

Mother. ("Don't bother me.")

Bamboo 7. (Small and annoying, as always. Just finished yelling at Siri for being in his way.)

Siri. (Don't take away the cup... she will kill you.)

Shanna. (Sitting quietly in the rocking chair, in her own little world.)

Mac Mini. (Off, for once. Odd. Very odd. Oh, wait, it's Thursday - No Technology Day. Unless you've bought your own, as I have mine.)

Caiti. (Why am I holding her now? The rest of this will be very hard to type.)

Clothes. (How can we have so many clean clothes, yet none of them are mine?)

Wendy's. (Okay, so that's just wishful thinking.)

Oh, and I know you tagged me, Sam. That doesn't mean I have to comply! Ha ha ha!