Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My Genius Brother

I believe I have spoken of him before? Patsy McCoopington?

I shall now proceed to update my blog, periodically, with stuff I stole from him.

Maybe someday he will get his own blog.

"In My Living Room, October 18, 2007. The Unanimous Declaration of Me,

"When in the Course of human events, I get Royally Ticked Off by certain People in Charge, I decide to declare Independence from said People in Charge. Certain Peer Pressures push me to use their Computer and Printer one last time to do so.

"As the Declaration of Independence states, certain unalienable Rights include the Pursuit of Happiness. When People in Charge take away my Games of Video, it becomes my Right, it becomes my Duty, to Go Off and Do My Own Thing.

"Besides Confiscation of Games of Video other Grievances they have caused include -

"They have refused to give me substantial amounts of Money for No Good Reason. -

"They have made certain that my Freedom of Speech does not include Swear Words. -

"They have pressured me to get Good Grades in school. -

"They have forced me to go to Scout Camps in Cold, Leaky Tents. -

"They have allowed Scoutmasters to take me on said Scout Camps. -

"And they have said they Don't Give a Rip when I say I could use certain Portable Game Consoles.

"I henceforth declare Independence from these People in Charge, and I am taking the Wii with me.

"Signed, [Patsy McCoopington]."


Giovanni Schwartz said...

Cold, Leaky Tents sounds like a city.

Chou_Kuro said...

You called him "Pasty McCoopington" at the top. . . :) This is Danica, btw. Ha ha, I found your blog, Bob.