Saturday, July 12, 2008

Party at My Place

There was a party at my house last night (though I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this blog was either there or knew about it, so why bother saying so?). It was quite the fun party.

The first people to arrive were Board people, followed quickly by a few of my 'real' friends and more Board people. (Interestingly enough, Board people outnumbered 'real' people until the very end.) Within an hour, I had almost twenty people here. And an hour later, about half of them were gone. Whatever.

One of the die-hard attendees, who was there until about two-thirty in the morning. But was she there for me... or my baby sister? The world may never know.

One of the high points of the evening was when yellow m&m called Sam looking for directions (he assumed) back to my house. Ten minutes and many directions later, he realized she wanted directions to the house of a girl she was supposed to be picking up. Amid much laughter, I took the phone and gave m&m my friend's number so she could get some helpful directions.

Another high point was my cake. First we couldn't find any candles, and then we found 39. And we decided to put them all on. Here's my cake, and my torso. And my name tag. "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." Everyone there knew my name, most of them both of my names, so I got creative.

While we were in the kitchen eating cake, my dad took over the TV and started watching a show about the world's 10 creepiest places. While this might sound scary, watching it with my dad, my cousins, and my friends made it hilarious. Unfortunately, after that we decided to watch another ghost show and were throughly freaked out. So we all fell asleep in the living room watching Men in Tights.

And now my brother, who stole some of my friends and skipped the entire party, is getting mad at me because I won't let him have the wii turn he thinks he deserves.

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