Thursday, November 27, 2008





I feel sick, and for once it's not due to the flu or eating something wrong or something.

I at a good thanksgiving dinner, during which my aunt mentioned this site. So I had to check it out. I even got some pie while reading the tribute site over here.

I only barely finished that pie, and only then because I wasn't thinking about it.

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

And now I will sit here, wait for my stomach to settle, and work on my novel. Have I mentioned I'm going for 100,000 words? I am. Right now I'm at 76,000 some-odd. That's like being at 26,000 words with only tonight and three more days to go.

I can totally do it.

As long as I don't start throwing up, or starve because I can't stand to think of food.

(I had determined today that I would start putting pictures on my posts, 'cause those are just so nice. But after writing this post, I decided that posting a relevant picture would be rather mean.)


Natalia said...

Good luck reaching 100,000! It'll be awesome!

Fredjikrang said...

Good luck indeed.

And just so you know, that stuff you linked to. Gross. Really, really, gross.

bobtheenchantedone said...

Thanks, Natalia! And Fred, I suppose.

And, uh, yeah. I believe I made it quite clear I was really grossed out myself.

Chou_Kuro said...

Mwa ha ha! Funny. I like it. Very gross, but funny. You've got to wonder what the neighbor thought though. . . .