Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today we learn something very very interesting: bob can type fast. Very, very fast.

Well, okay, if you really go and look at it, I'm getting about 33 words per minute (usually less, actually). But when you realize that those 33 words per minute are all words that I am pulling out of thin air and typing out as I think them, it becomes quite a bit more impressive.

I had determined that today was the day I was going to catch up with, nay, surpass my dear friend Fredjikrang. Yes, the guy that has been beating me handily ever since the first of November. So, when I left work at 10:50 for the devotional, I sat in the hallway, plugged in my computer, and typed like the wind.

No one was more surprised than I was when I packed up my computer less than an hour later, having written 1400 words.

My next moment to type was during my D&C class, a class I'm careful to pay attention in and take good notes. I still came away with a few hundred more words than I had had before.

I didn't get any typing done in Spanish class, but after walking to the RB I had 45 minutes to type until my voice lessons. And type I did! Another 1000 or so words. I had another bit of time between my voice lessons and my acting class, and this was enough to put me above 10000, and above Fred's 9000-something.

I was elated, and very ready to quit typing. That's quite a bit to do in one day - almost 5000 words. Whew. And that's with Tuesdays being the busiest day of my week.

So I relaxed after acting class until mother got me, and after voting while we ate dinner at Fazoli's, and after we got home until I went onto the NaNo page that showed my word count with the word count of my buddies.

Fred was up to 12176.

I admit that I gasped in dismay when I saw that. No! I had said I was going to be ahead by tonight! I had promised myself I was going to beat him today! I couldn't let him do this! It took only a little thinking to convince myself that pride was more important than sleep, and that I would get right to typing after I took a shower.

And then what did I do? Type 2000 words in an hour. I'm still kinda astonished that I did it that fast. I was willing to give up half my night for this, and then here it is? So weird, let me tell you. So very, very odd. I'd thought I could do about 1500 tops in an hour, but apparently I can do 2000.

Well, enough singing my praises.

Best line today: “'Well, I certainly won the bet,' Ezekiel said casually. 'That is, I would have if there had been one.'”

Worst line today: "Ezekiel laughed at how obviously uncomfortable with the idea of being kissed by him Kristy was." This is probably the worst line to date that was unintentional. But let me tell you, when you're typing like a mad creature, if you start a sentence the wrong way you don't go back to fix it. So you end up with gems like this.

Days left of NaNo: 26

Word count: 12368 (Wait a min. Did I double my word count today? *is still more astonished*)

*is purposely forgetting the 'donations' part*


yellow m&m said...

Well, I'm not going to turn all crazy and try to beat you or fred. I'm just trying to figure out my plot. and then type it up.

Fredjikrang said...

Lol! Naazju sends her condolences. And she says she doesn't understand how there are 36 days left in November. Or why pride is more important than pride. And she wishes you luck! :D

Good luck from me too. :D

Danica West said...

I think I'm going to use you as my wordcount goal. You're amazing like that. :)

danica west said...

Oh, and if I'd known you were doing donation things, I would have given to you rather than straight to the Letters page thing. Your $0 donations makes me sad. I'll see if I can eventually scrape something together. :)

Chillygator said...

For the record, Kristy is uncomfortable with the idea of ANYONE kissing her. I hope that I can affect your writing through my voodoo mind control (o:

bobtheenchantedone said...

Whoa... did I accidentally have many many typos in my post? *goes to check* Oh, cheese. That's embarrassing. I'll - I'll go fix that now. *shuffles off*

Also: Thanks, Dani, and tell your friends to donate; Kristy, you ain't seen nothin' yet. : D

Unit of Energy said...

Well, even though I'm nowhere near you, I wrote 3360 words in 1.5 hours yesterday.

Fredjikrang said...

That is pretty amazing. I'm only averaging about 1,000 an hour.

bobtheenchantedone said...

Wow. Good job, UoE.