Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not the Best

Warning: NaNoWriMo novelist is in session. Trespassers will be reborn as the inspiration for an ugly and evil race of horrifically disfigured beings and/or the villain.

Fredji hasn't updated his word count. Mostly 'cause he hasn't written anything yet. And that's 'cause his day hasn't been the best.

Neither has mine, to tell the truth. Well, this last bit tonight hasn't been. Most of today was fine. I haven't been sick, work was good, I went to class, working on our scene for acting class went well... and then I get in one little argument over something very trivial and I forget about all the good stuff!


Well, I suppose I had best get on with stuff...

Best line: There isn't one, really. Sorry.

Worst line: "'And then she broke – she had tried to not do what she saw as wrong, that is, using her powers of manipulation – and she started manipulating home team players so that they couldn’t benefit from me manipulating the visiting team players.'"

Days left of NaNo: 25

Word count: 14008

Donations: $0

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Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Sorry that you are having a bad day.